Monday, 16 August 2010

My First Award

A BIG thank you to flourgirl from "Karens Craft Corner" for my first ever award.

~1~ Thank the person who gave it to me. Thankyou Karen (AKA flourgirl)
~2~ Paste the award on your blog. Done!
~3~ List three things I like about myself. I am friendly, helpful and approachable
~4~ Post a photo you love.

Walt Disney World at Christmas.

~5~ Tag five people who you would like to have this award - Now this is really difficult.

1 Melissa75
2 Soma
3 craftygranny
4 Pointofnoreturn
4 Carmin

I am new to cardmaking and just want to thank everyone for answering all my questions and sending me lovely gifts.


  1. Thanks for the award :) what a beautiful piccy of disney world. I hope you are working on getting that lovely Tilda on a card.

  2. Wow what a picture, beautiful. Jaqui x